Other Benefits in Canada

Additional statutory and supplemental offerings.

Updated on March 20th, 2023

What other notable statutory benefits does Canada’s national social security system offer?  

Federal Employment Insurance 

Federal employment insurance provides replacement income if your supported employee becomes unemployed. To qualify for federal employment insurance, your supported employee must bank a minimum number of working hours. Supported employees that resign or are terminated for just-cause reasons may not be eligible for these benefits.

Provincial Workers’ Compensation Plans

Workers' compensation is a provincial insurance scheme to provide the employee with income if injured while at work or performing valid employment tasks. It is provided through Canada’s national and provincial social programs. Each province offers its own plans and benefits, which are dependent on the industry in which your supported employee works. In certain industries, it is mandatory that employers provide workers' compensation. 

Does Velocity Global provide travel insurance?

Yes. We offer travel insurance, known as global medical assistance, through our Canada Life medical plan offerings. (Please note that the supported employee would need to be enrolled in the group benefits plan to obtain this benefit.)

Can Velocity Global help me offer additional maternity or parental leave to supported employees?

Yes. We can help you offer additional maternity or parental benefits to your supported employees. These additional benefits span anywhere from four to 16 weeks of a supported employee’s maternity or parental leave allowance. 

Typically, if your supported employee is receiving Employment Insurance (EI) payments, additional benefits would mean offering an amount that ensures your supported employee receives 100% of their salary. For more information, please see here.

Please note that Quebec has its own program called the Quebec Parental Insurance Plan (QPIP), which differs from the rest of the country.