Health Insurance and Benefits in China

Statutory benefits, add-ons, and more.

Updated on December 20th, 2022

What are China’s statutory health benefits, and what do they cover?

China’s medical system is made up of both a pooled fund and personal accounts. Employees’ contributions on monthly payroll are deposited into their personal accounts, while part of the employer’s contribution goes to the employee’s personal account and the other part to the pooled fund.

Employees can use this medical insurance when visiting a doctor or purchasing medication.

What health benefits do most employers offer?

Most employers provide private medical insurance to supplement the coverage provided under the social security system.

How does an employee’s salary or level of seniority affect what benefits employers offer them?

Employers are free to offer supplemental benefits to supported employees above the statutory minimums. In this regard, employers can choose to offer more generous supplemental benefits to more senior employees. The decision to offer supplemental benefits based on seniority is up to your discretion.