Life and Disability Benefits in China

Details on statutory and supplemental offerings.

Updated on December 20th, 2022

What do statutory life and disability benefits cover?

Statutory insurance in China is based on six different categories and is not limited to life and disability benefits. As long as the supported employee contributes to the social insurance, they could submit a claim to the authority with supporting documents.

The six statutory insurance categories are: 

  • Pension insurance (养老保险)
  • Medical insurance (医保)
  • Work injury insurance (工伤保险)
  • Unemployment insurance (失业保险)
  • Disability insurance (残保金) [with exceptions]
  • Housing fund (住房公积金)

What life and disability benefits do most employers offer?

Supplementary life and AD&D insurance benefits are expected of multinational employers in China's first-tier cities (i.e., Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, and Guangzhou), where competition for talent is most intense. Benefits are provided through a group life and AD&D (GL) insurance plan. Around 75% of multinational and first-tier city employers provide critical illness (CI) coverage, and benefits are provided through a group CI insurance plan. If the employer provides an occupational pension scheme, the occupational pension scheme will incorporate death-in-service benefits.