Invoice Timing in China

When should you expect invoices and more.

Updated on December 20th, 2022

When do you issue invoices?

In China, a country with one payroll cycle each month, invoices are sent in the middle of the month. You may receive a second invoice at the end of the month for any unbilled items.

Why am I not receiving invoices in a timely manner?

There are a number of factors that influence when your invoice arrives. Please submit a ticket via the Help widget below if you have any questions or concerns around timeliness of invoices.

When will we receive our first invoice?

You will receive a deposit invoice during the onboarding process.

The next invoice will depend on whether the agreement has been signed and all necessary data to run payroll has been provided to Velocity Global on or before a specific date each month. This date is typically around the 11th, but this can vary based on the time of year. Assuming the employment agreement has been signed, and all the data has been received on or before that date, you should expect to receive an invoice in the middle of that month. If that data is received after the 11th, you will receive the first invoice in the middle of the following month.

In some rare circumstances, when a supported employee signs an agreement and/or the necessary data to run payroll is provided to Velocity Global after the 11th of the month for a start date in the current month, the first invoice will be received in the following month.