Expenses in France

Conditions, reimbursements, per diems, and more.

Updated on February 1st, 2023

Please reference our France Expense Policy for more details. To request a copy of our France Expense Policy, please submit a ticket using the Help widget at the bottom of the page.


What can or cannot be expensed? 

Please reference our France Expense Policy for details.

How are expenses reimbursed? 

Expenses are either reimbursed through the Faster Reimbursement Process (FRP) cycles or, if noncompliant, through the supported employee’s payroll.

Can supported employees avoid paying out of pocket and waiting for expense reimbursements? 

No, this is not possible.

What are the country-specific expense regulations?

When a supported employee is reimbursed for mobile phone and internet expenses through payroll (not Expensify), the work-from-home (WFH) allowance will always be subtracted first, as mobile phone and internet are considered WFH expenses.

How do expenses need to be documented in France?

In France, all expenses need to be documented. Please note that debit or credit card hard-copy receipts are only acceptable for expenses less than €150. Invoices are required for any expense above €150.

Expenses need to be in the name of Velocity Global SAS, with our office address in France. They can be in the supported employee’s name for air travel.

If the supported employee is submitting mileage when using their personal car for business purposes, they need to provide a copy of their car registration in order for us to determine the correct mileage rate. We recommend that this is collected from them during their onboarding process. All mileage expenses need to include the date, location, client/contact, and purpose; otherwise, they will be rejected.

All original expense documentation, including the expense report from Expensify, must be mailed to our office in France on a monthly basis.

Can Velocity Global help us provide per diems instead of expenses? Can Velocity Global provide per diems for business travel?

Please note that we strongly discourage using per diems in France. The preferred method is invoice submission on Expensify.

Typically, travel expenses are reimbursed upon presentation of supporting receipts. Long-distance travel in mainland France can be compensated by the employer via a lump-sum allowance, per the table set by the French tax administration. 

The current amounts for trips (less than three months long) around France are fixed by social security yearly and are currently:

  • Meal (lunch or dinner): €19
  • Accommodation (includes breakfast): €68,10 for the Paris region (départements 75-92-93-94) or €50,50 elsewhere

You must use either the receipts system or the per diem system for each expense category. You cannot choose to reimburse meals according to per diems at one time and use receipts at other times. It is, however, possible to reimburse meals on per diems and accommodation on the basis of receipts, for example.

For trips abroad under three months, the limits are published by the Economy Ministry per country in local currency. For more information, please see here.