Health Insurance and Benefits in France

Statutory benefits, add-ons, and more.

Updated on December 20th, 2022

What are France’s statutory health benefits, and what do they cover?

Employers in France must provide private medical insurance. A mutuelle is a private medical policy that employers are required to provide for their employees. The employer cost for the mutuelle is fixed and included in the burden. Employees contribute to the base level of the mutuelle directly from their paycheck. If your supported employee would like higher coverage or would like to include their partner, then they can elect to pay a higher rate directly to AXA, our insurance provider.

How does an employee’s salary or level of seniority affect what benefits employers offer them?

The seniority will only affect the severance payment in case of termination. It will not have an effect on the benefits offered to supported employees. 

What does Velocity Global offer as health benefits? 

Our employment agreement includes health insurance (mutuelle) and death and long-term disability (prévoyance) benefits. Our insurance provider is AXA. Please note that these benefits are mandatory. Velocity Global's specialists in France set up a mandatory hiring medical exam for each supported employee, which must be completed within three months of their start date.