Other Benefits in France

Additional statutory and supplemental offerings.

Updated on December 20th, 2022

What other notable statutory benefits does France’s social security system offer? 

Statutory benefits under the French social security system include sickness, maternity, paternity, disability, death, accidents and occupational diseases, family allowances, unemployment, and old-age pension benefits. For more information on statutory benefit details in France, please submit a ticket using the Help widget at the bottom of the page.

Does Velocity Global provide travel insurance?

Employees in France usually have their own private insurance, but travel insurance can also be provided via payment cards which your supported employee can use to book a trip.

Can Velocity Global help me offer additional maternity or parental leave to supported employees?

We provide statutory maternity and paternity leave for our supported employees as a minimum. If you have additional policies (e.g., longer leave, fully paid), they can be offered, but Velocity Global needs to be notified ahead of time in order to coordinate it internally.