General Invoice Information in France

Employee IDs, formatting, yearly reports, and more.

Updated on February 2nd, 2023

What is the EoR Fee line item?

This is the fee that Velocity Global charges for its services.

How do I find out the employee name associated with the Employee ID on the invoice? 

You can find the supported employee name associated with the Employee ID by searching the Employee ID within our cloud-based web application.

If you encounter an issue in this process, you can submit a ticket via the Help widget below, and we can provide you with a list of the Contract IDs assigned to each employee.

You can also assign a Purchase Order number to each supported employee. This number will appear on each invoice as an internal reference.

Can you explain the invoice format?

On the first page of the invoice package you’ll find summary information about your company, the date the invoice was issued, the date the invoice is due, who received the invoice, who sent the invoice, and the entity address.

The invoice will show a summary of all costs for your supported employees in the current month. The invoice number is a reference to the employee-specific itemized details.

Due to privacy requirements and regulations, data is identified by the Employee ID and not the supported employee’s name. Each code is unique. The first five characters are your client number. The following three characters are the three-digit ISO code for the country. The last three numbers correspond with the Employee ID.

On the supported employee-specific invoices, you will see the following terms:

Due Date. Based on the Net Terms of the Master Services Agreement.

Invoice. References the number provided on the invoice.

Employee. Indicates the Employee ID for the itemized detail.

Contract Currency. Indicates the currency in which your supported employee is paid.

Exchange Rate. This is the exchange rate on the date of the invoice.

Payroll Period. Payroll costs are separated by payroll period. See the abbreviations listed below:

  • MN. Monthly Payroll Period
  • SM. Semi-Monthly Period
  • BW. Bi-Weekly Payroll Period
  • Pd. Payroll Period Number

Fees. All fees are included in a separate section and are based on the Master Services Agreement.

Balance Due. Indicates the balance due for the employee for the payroll period.

Disclaimer. Instructions for the method of payment based on contracted terms with Velocity Global.

Is there a way to pull a report of all invoices for the year?

You receive a report along with the invoice package each month that covers the previous three months of invoices. If you’d like a year-to-date report, please submit a ticket using the Help widget at the bottom of the page.

Why are expenses grossed up?

All noncompliant expenses are grossed so that your supported employee does not bear the tax burden of the expense, as all noncompliant expenses are subject to payroll taxes.

Why wasn’t a payroll item I requested paid out in the current payroll cycle?

Please submit a ticket using the Help widget at the bottom of the page regarding any questions about payroll items not being included in the current payroll cycle.