Expenses in the Netherlands

Conditions, reimbursements, per diems, and more.

Updated on February 1st, 2023

Please reference our Netherlands Expense Policy for more details. To request a copy of our Netherlands Expense Policy, please submit a ticket using the Help widget at the bottom of the page.


What can or cannot be expensed?

Mobile phone bills can be expensed in the Netherlands, and they will be grossed up if it is not a company phone. Home office supplies can also be expensed, but clear comments must be provided, and costs should be under €500.

How are expenses reimbursed?

Expense claims should be submitted within 45 days of when the expense was originally incurred. Expense claim payments will be deposited to the supported employee’s bank account. Payments will not be made using cash or check.

Can supported employees avoid paying out of pocket and waiting for expense reimbursements?

No, this is not possible.

What are the country-specific expense regulations?

Please reference our Expense Policy for the Netherlands.

How do expenses need to be documented in the Netherlands?

All expenses must be accompanied by an invoice, except mileage claims. Mileage claims need to have the start and end address, date, amount of kilometers driven, and reason for the claim.

Hard copy receipts are not required, and digital e-receipts can be used. However, per Velocity Global’s Expense Policy, only printed receipts are acceptable (i.e., not handwritten).

A detailed expense report for all business travel expenses incurred in the Netherlands and abroad (enclosing all relevant receipts and/or supporting documentation) must be obtained from the individual who incurs the expense (i.e., the supported employee or service provider). 

Can Velocity Global help us provide per diems instead of expenses? Can Velocity Global provide per diems for business travel?

No, we currently do not provide per diems for supported employees in the Netherlands.