Life and Disability Benefits in Spain

Details on statutory and supplemental offerings.

Updated on November 15th, 2022

What are the statutory life and disability benefits? What do they cover?

Life and disability benefits are provided through the social security system. Death benefits are provided via a survivor’s pension, and disability benefits are provided via a wide range of programs, including short-term sickness, permanent partial, and permanent total disability benefits. For more information on these benefits, refer to this resource.

What life and disability benefits do most employers offer?

Apart from statutory social security contributions, employers are not required to provide supplemental benefits, and it is generally uncommon to provide supplemental sickness or AD&D benefits. However, please note that high-earning employees may want this as the social security system does not provide a large amount in disability benefits.

Velocity Global can also offer supplemental life and AD&D insurance through MSH International. For additional information regarding MSH coverage, including plan summaries and cost details, please submit a ticket using the Help button at the bottom of the page.