Expense Approval

Updated on January 3rd, 2023

How does an approver on Expensify approve more than one item?

Receipts are put together in a report. Therefore by approving a report, the approver is approving several receipts.

When trying to approve several reports, the approver must select several reports and "approve and forward" them.

Who is the expense approver for my supported employee? How can I see the Expensify approval chain? 

If you are an auditor or policy administrator on Expensify, you should have access to the policy approval chain, but note that you cannot modify it. 

If you are not an auditor or policy administrator, you cannot see the approval chain. Please submit a ticket using the Help widget at the bottom of the page if you would like to see the approval chain.

How do I make changes to the approval chain?

Please reach out to your Velocity Global representative if you would like to make changes to the approval chain.

How do I switch approvers?

Any expense approver can add a vacation delegate that can approve reports on their behalf. Please follow this link to go through the steps to set one up. 

What do the roles of primary and secondary approvers mean in the Onboarding Form?

If you require two levels of expense approval, then the secondary approver is the one who will approve after the primary approver. This may be useful if you have a line manager who needs to approve the report and a finance department who needs to keep a record of the expenses.