Expensify Basics

Updated on March 2nd, 2023

Why do I have to use Expensify?

Expensify provides a system for our payroll team to compliantly track expenses to ensure, when applicable, the appropriate taxes are applied and that all legal requirements are compliantly met.

Why does it say an expense is noncompliant in Expensify? Why are expenses being grossed up and reimbursed outside of Expensify (i.e., noncompliant expenses)?

Each country has its own rules and regulations around business expenses, and any expense that does not adhere to local laws is deemed noncompliant and reimbursed as taxable income.

Please see the relevant Help Center pages on Expenses and Allowances for country-specific expense information.

Can you pull an expense report?

Provided you are an auditor on the policy, you can go into Expensify and use one of their pre-made Expensify reports or follow the steps here to build out the report you require. Here is a description of the pre-made reports:

  • Basic Export. A simple breakdown of your expense reports.
  • Tag Export. Expense reports grouped by Tag.
  • Category Export. Expense reports grouped by Category.
  • Detailed Export. A dense but very detailed export displaying all of the expense and report-level info you could ever wish for.
  • Report Level Export. Simple export of only report-level data.

When will the expense be paid out to my supported employee? Can we see when an expense will be reimbursed in Expensify?

You can determine when a report is going to be paid based on the date you approve the report from your side. Take a look at this expense reimbursement calendar to see when expenses will be reimbursed.