Technology Platform Basics

Updated on January 3rd, 2023

How can a candidate access the technology platform?

All candidates are granted access to the technology platform when going through their welcome experience and account setup. This step occurs upon the candidate receiving the offer letter or once you have approved the employment agreement draft and our regional team is approved to reach out to the candidate.

The employee welcome wizard is where the supported employee will log in to view and accept their offer letter and employment agreement, as well as fill out any additional information that is requested by our regional teams. Once the supported employee has signed their employment agreement and completed filling out the details in the welcome experience, it allows them to access the technology platform.

What is the difference between HR managers and company admin? Who is the main point of contact in the technology platform?

HR managers have access to payroll only for the supported employees for whom they are an HR manager in the technology platform.  

Company admins, however, have access to all company information. This includes all invoices, banking information, employee information, and payroll.

If you are a Company Admin, you can find the main point of contact per country using the Users tab in the technology platform.

When do you discontinue the supported employee's access to the internal systems? 

Supported employees should not lose access to the technology platform because, legally, they still need the information that we have for them. As long as the primary email address is their personal email, they will have access.